Realty unleashed

Chris squires, jen armstrong and Nathan Rayner


When asked what distinguishes Realty Unleashed from other real estate brokerages, team coordinator and real estate agent Jen Armstrong is quick to respond.

“We have a dog. His name is Pierre.”

“Pierre makes it very unique,” says founder, broker, and fellow real estate agent Chris Squires.

Aside from Pierre (whom the Realty Unleashed website describes as the team’s “marketing guru”), Squires is quick to highlight the brokerage’s above-and-beyond commitment to serving its clients. Services include shoveling sidewalks and driveways; washing the houses’ exterior; washing the interior and exterior windows; and cleaning the inside of the home, among other things.

“You get all these services if you sell your house [with Realty Unleashed],” says Armstrong.

“We have a unique team approach,” says Squires. “One of the unique things about our brokerage is that all of our staff are paid a salary (and) we really go over and beyond what would be just helping people sell and transact.”

Realty Unleashed launched after Squires received his MBA from the University of Alberta. Armstrong, who had worked with Squires before, joined shortly after. The team was rounded out by real estate agent Nathan Rayner and, of course, Pierre.

As Realty Unleashed has established itself, its dedication to service has extended to helping the community. The team at the brokerage wanted to give back and saw Free Footie as a way to do so.

“It’s a recent partnership, but we hope that it continues to grow,” says Squires.

“I grew up playing sports, so I saw the benefits, as a young person, that sports can have in your life… We believe in sports, and we think that what they’re doing at Free Footie is pretty special. And we think it works well with what we believe in.”

“Like the kids Free Footie helps, I didn’t have the opportunity to play organized sports,” adds Armstrong. “And I do think that there is a huge gap between the kinds of kids who do have sports available to them because that kind of thing costs a lot of money. For us, being involved with Free Footie is to kind of level the playing field to make those opportunities possible. All kids deserve a chance to participate in sport, and that’s something that we believe in.”

“I kinda see Free Footie as like a gift to the kids,” says Squires. “It’s not just an organization, it’s the people involved.  It’s also the leadership. And so we think it’ll make a difference for kids and communities. When we donate, we think it’s a great opportunity to help kids. That’s valuable.”

Written by: Stefan Salegio