Free Footie

Junior Coaching program

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join the junior coaching program

Free Footie is proud to expand its programming to meet community needs, so kids of all ages can be involved with our program & your child can stay involved for longer.

We are now offering the following:

1. Grades 3-6. Free Footie, Hockey, Basketball.

2. Grade 7-9. Junior Ref Program

3. Grade 10-12. Junior Coach Program

In our new high school program, your child gets:

1. FREE transportation to and from weekly training

2. FREE leadership instruction

3. FREE certifications to be a coach in multiple sports

4. $15 every game they coach for Free Footie

Weekly Details: High School Coaching Program

1. Wednesdays at 3:30 PM, your child will be picked up from their school by a bus we arrange.

2. They will be taken to either the West, East, South Soccer Centres or Commonwealth Recreation Facility - the closest location to their school - to arrive by 4 PM.

3. Your child will be joined at field by kids and teachers involved with our younger Free Footie program.

4. From 4:00 - 4:30 PM, your child will coach younger children in the Free Footie program, based on previous coach training they have received.

5. From 4:30 - 4:50 PM, your child goes with a qualified instructor/coach to learn more about coaching as well as how to be a good leader and role model.

6. At 5:00 PM, your child is on the bus and taken back to their school to walk home.

Extra training:

Once per month, your child will work towards certifications to become a licensed and official coach. All this training is FREE. This is likely on a Thursday at the end of each month.

Transportation will be provided for this extra session and there will be options for younger sisters and brothers to come too for a fun day.

Who can participate in this program?

Students entering grade 10, 11 and 12.

-Priority will be given to youth who have played Free Footie in the past.

-Priority will be given to youth with sisters or brothers in Free Footie

-Priority will be given to youth who may not otherwise have the means to get involved in sport.

***PLEASE NOTE: Registration is not a guarantee of acceptance to the program. Youth will be contacted****

When does it all start? Program days are Wednesdays

Sept. 4th : Introductory training and fun!

Sept. 11th: Continued introductory training and fun!

Season 1: Floor/Street Hockey: September 18 - October 30

Season 2: Indoor Soccer: November 6 - December 18

Season 3: Indoor Soccer: January 8 - February 12

Season 4: Basketball : February 26 - April 8

Season 5: Rugby/Flag Football Fun Day - April 15

Season 6: Outdoor Soccer : April 22 - June 15/2020

Why are we starting this new program ?

We want to invest in kids with great leadership training, so they can be great role models.

We want to keep kids busy after school in a safe and fun environment.

We want to give skills they can use to help them get work or into college later in life.