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Junior referee program


join the junior referee program

Free Footie is proud to expand its programming to meet community needs, so kids of all ages can be involved with our program & your child can stay involved for longer.

We are now offering the following:

1. Grades 3-6. Free Footie, Hockey, Basketball.

2. Grade 7-9. Junior Ref Program

3. Grade 10-12. Junior Coach Program

In our new Jr. High program, your child gets:

1. FREE transportation to and from weekly training

2. FREE leadership instruction

3. FREE certifications to be a referee in multiple sports

4. $15 every game they referee for Free Footie

Weekly Details: Junior Referee Program

1. Wednesdays at 3:30pm, your child will be picked up from their school by a bus we arrange.

2. They will be taken to Commonwealth Recreation Centre to arrive by 4pm.

3. Your child will be joined at Commonwealth by kids and teachers involved with our younger Free Footie program.

4. From 4-4:30pm your child goes with a qualified instructor/coach to learn the rules of being a ref as well as how to be a good leader and role model.

5. From 4:30-5:00pm your child will put those skills to use and ref the games of the younger children in our Free Footie program.

6. At 5:00pm, your child is on the bus and taken back to their junior high school to walk home.

Extra training: 1 time per month

Once per month, your child will work towards certifications to become a licensed and official

referee. All this training is FREE. This is likely on a Thursday at the end of each month.

Transportation will be provided for this extra session and there will be options for younger

sisters and brothers to come too for a fun day.

Who can participate in this program?

Students entering grade 7, 8 and 9.

-Priority will be given to youth who have played Free Footie in the past.

-Priority will be given to youth with sisters or brothers in Free Footie

-Priority will be given to youth who may not otherwise have the means to get involved in sport.

***PLEASE NOTE: Registration is not a guarantee of acceptance to the program. Youth will be contacted****

When does it all start? Program days are Wednesdays

Sept. 4th : Introductory training and fun!

Sept. 11th: Continued introductory training and fun!

Season 1: Floor/Street Hockey: September 18 - October 30

Season 2: Indoor Soccer: November 6 - December 18

Season 3: Indoor Soccer: January 8 - February 12

Season 4: Basketball : February 26 - April 8

Season 5: Rugby/Flag Football Fun Day - April 15

Season 6: Outdoor Soccer : April 22 - June 15/2020

Why are we starting this new program ?

We want to invest in kids with great leadership training, so they can be great role models.

We want to keep kids busy after school in a safe and fun environment.

We want to give skills they can use to help them get work or into college later in life.